In early 2010, Alpine Environmental was contracted by Save Our Heritage to perform lead paint removal and paint restoration at Barrett’s Farm, a house of great historic importance built in 1705 in Concord, Massachusetts.

The Barrett Farm was the residence of Colonel James Barrett, who was in charge of the Colonial Troops in the first battle of the Revolutionary War at the North Bridge on April 19, 1775. His home was the site of many formative meetings of the war, and was the secret storage place of the Colonial Army’s weapons. Our job was to remove dozens of coats of paint, while preserving the original centuries old finish. It was an intricate process, requiring craftsmanship and patience.

After almost two thousand hours of meticulous work, the results were hailed by the project’s preservation specialists. (See what they had to say below.) Alpine is proud to be a part of the preservation of this national treasure. You can be confident that when Alpine is working on your project, we have what it takes to get you the results you need.

Our work at the Colonel Barrett house was highlighted on PBS’s This Old House when Norm Abrams came by to do a special feature on the restoration project. See our This Old House page to view the video of our show. Colonel Barrett’s House is now fully restored and is a permanent part of the Minuteman National Park. It is thrilling to know that our work will be viewed by countless thousands of people over the years both as they visit the National Park and also see it highlighted on PBS’s This Old House program.



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